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Donate a Paver Be a part of the history, You can help restore the Schuster Mansion Purchase an Engraved Paver for the Garden If you know anything about Rick and Laura Sue, you would know that they have a Vision, and a big one at that!!! Although they have been making this vision come to life on their own, Rick and Laura Sue are thrilled that many guests and friends have expressed an interest in helping them to achieve their vision. How can YOU help?Here is your opportunity to help! Purchase a Paver for just $40 Our Vision is to create a beautiful Victorian Garden so our guests and the community can enjoy: Brick patio and walkway (from the back parking lot to the front door & inside the cove area) Enlarged the parking area for better guest access Wrought Iron fence in front of the cedar bushes Cedar bushes would line along the sidewalks Victorian porch off the library & back door Victorian garden with a rose garden Wrought Iron Gazebo Bath Fountain Your Paver will be placed in the red area of the floor plan. If you have any questions or want to placing an order for a Paver, please contact Rick & Laura Sue at (414) 342-3210. THANK YOU for your caring interest in bringing the Mansion Garden back to its intended splendor. It will be a treasure for all to enjoy! “What can we say? Your mansion is gorgeous, your kindness & hospitality, top notch. Our 15 year anniversary is “set in stone” just like our wedding date. We’ll be back.